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Haul of Fame

Noteable Moves

🟈 Multiple successful trips through New York City

🟈 Regular deliveries to inner-city Philedelphia, PA

🟈 130 modules delivered to Beverly, MA (Student Housing Project)

🟈 49 modules transported to Huber Heights, OH (Assisted Living Facility)

🟈 56 modules delivered to downtown Pittsburgh, PA (Apartments)

🟈 26 modules taken to Walpole, NH (Apartments)

🟈 57 modules delivered to Jersey City, NJ (Apartments)

🟈 147 modules delivered to New Jersey (Retirement Community)

🟈 3 modules hauled to Florida (Medical Office)

🟈 Multiple homes delivered from North Carolina to Key West, FL

🟈 Deliveries made from Michigan to Bale, CO (townhouses)

🟈Williamstown, ND (Best Western)

🟈Units moved from Indiana to Connecticut

🟈60 unit Housing Project delivered to Conway, NH

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